Bridal boudoir photoshoots / Gifts for grooms

This is a professional photographic session which will bring out your sensuality; it is a fun, relaxed, empowering photoshoot. The venues we choose are stunning – in the past we have used Barnsley House and The Greenway Hotel, Cheltenham; locations where people are instantly relaxed - or perhaps you could use your wedding venue.

Using elegant, vintage, burlesque or bridal boudoir photography styles, the shoot includes a stylist who works with your hair and make-up to create different looks, and you can have 2 or 3 totally different sessions. All shoots are private and treated with utmost confidentiality.

Whether you are making photographs as a wedding gift or a record for yourself, we create an environment where women are safe to be who they want to be, within a sumptuous location and supported by a small group of experienced discrete professionals.

Hen Parties

For the bride and 6 or more hens, a photoshoot either at the wedding venue or one of our luxury hotels this shoot includes individual photoshoots with our own personal stylist, professional makeup and champagne refreshments. Each hen received their chosen print mounted and finished, and the bride receives a framed print of her choice

The location photoshoot

Shoots take place either in a bedroom suite in one of our favourite hotels, or at your wedding venue. Hair makeup and styling centres in one area and the photography happens in private locations; using a four-poster bed, chaise longue, the staircase, grand reception rooms or in the garden. All areas used will be totally private and are directed by your wishes. In practice, we start modestly and become more courageous as you become more comfortable and at ease.

Selecting your photographs

I realise that you may never have done this before, may not do it again for a while and need iconic images that reflect who you all are at this moment.

You will have extensive choices and when it comes to the viewing session I am efficient at guiding you through the decision-making. This bit is the most difficult part because not only do you make the selection but we also have to decide how they are to be presented. We have so much experience at editing that we work well and fast.

We work out how the images are to be finished - whether it is Black & White, colour and what tints and effects work best on the selected images.

Image correction

Your images are then digitally corrected – this is a combination of
technical (white balance)
creative (colour, tints, crop, effects)
personal adjustments (airbrushing to smooth blemishes or wrinkles)

Archival finished photographs

The images are then sent off to our lab where they are printed on selected art paper, and finally back to the studio to be archival mounted, framed and glazed to your choice. All our products are specifically chosen because they are 'stable' (ie; archival and so won't fade) and your pictures will last. We do advise that you don't hang them in direct sunlight, however!